Just Thinkin’: Feminist Fail

Okay, so feminist fails aren’t exactly surprising. They’ve been making fools of themselves left, right and center lately, but it’s rare that the average citizen witnesses one first hand.

For a little background, I volunteer at the American History Museum a few times a month. It’s not glamorous, most of my job to telling kids to quit playing on the escalators and giving directions to the restroom, but it’s fun regardless. Anyway, I was wandering around and stopped by a wall display on comedy and how it’s been used to address social issues, particularly women in comedy. Alongside greats such as Carol Burnett and Phyllis Diller, Miss Piggy (yes, the Muppet) was also display with a blurb on her feminist icon status (I won’t go into the fact it’s a pig representing strong women),  when a little girl about 10 years old and her mom came up. Neither were dressed up, shorts, tshirts, mom with no makeup, etc. The little girl asked me if that was the real Miss Piggy and I told her yes. Now, keep in mind, clearly mom didn’t have an overt fixation on “conventional beauty standards” and certainly wasn’t inappropriately foisting vanity on her daughter. The little girl looked up adoringly at Miss Piggy and sighs, “I love her mascara…”

*insert volunteer coughing fit*

Her mom looked a bit uncomfortable and tried to redirect her daughter’s attention to the blurbs about Miss Piggy winning an award for feminism. The little girl nodded but said, “look at her dress, it’s so pretty! And her hair…”

*snicker snicker snort snort*

When presented a chance at feminist solidarity, she went straight for the sparkling evening gown. Even when prompted otherwise. I had to laugh. Just to be clear, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with little girls (or even big girls) liking pretty clothes. Obviously we teach them there’s more to life than vanity, but there’s a certain innocence to a girl admiring beautiful clothes or playing with mom’s makeup or having a Barbie collection. It has nothing to do with impressing men or competing with other women, it’s a simple appreciation of something lovely. That innocence is innate to children. Feminism’s sexual fixation and vitriol is not. If girls are indoctrinated into anything, it’s the dysfunction and hatred the Sexual Revolution and Third Wave Feminism have spawned. It was nice to see a little girl be a little girl and I only hope her mother protects it.


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