Just Thinkin’: We’re Painting the Roses Red

So, I’m trying to watch Pitch Perfect on Disney’s ABC Freeform (formerly ABC Family, but even they couldn’t keep a straight face for that one anymore) and it’s somewhat maddening when they dub over the more crass/sexually explicit language. They’ve also switched up some of the camera shots to avoid what is presumably considered partial nudity.

Am I the only one who sees the absolute hypocritical irony of a channel with shows about lesbian parenting (The Fosters(), underage/gay sex (Pretty Little Liars, at the very least) and fathers becoming transgender “women” (Becoming Us) dubbing over/bleeping out words like “fuck” and “boner”? Seriously? It’s like shooting up heroin but feeling morally superior for not smoking. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is wrong with these people? It’s an R rated movie and, catchy tunes aside, it’s pretty crass. It probably shouldn’t be on a channel supposedly for under-voting-age kids and family entertainment, all bleeping aside. But, since they’ve already made themselves a temple to depravity and deviancy, why are they wasting their time worrying about language? language

(Yes, I understand the concept of FCC regs, but that only emphasizes my point about hypocrisy.)

There are days I feel like the White Rabbit kidnapped me and I’m being held hostage in Wonderland. “We’re painting the roses red, we’re painting the roses red…”

painiting roses red