Just Thinkin’: Liberty, Good Faith and Donald Trump

Obama pisses me off, no two ways about it. It’s been eight years of inept quagmire under him. But if I had to choose, I’d choose a quagmire of ineptitude than tyrannical efficiency and the authoritarianism that will come with Donald Trump. Of him, I’m actually wary.

Liberty is only ever truly protected by good faith between people. It is civil contract and what good is a contract if not honored? Trump does not deal in good faith and his supporters are too stupid to realize it. In the name of supposed vengeance for the last twenty years of bad politics and policies and in the name of a hollow victory, they will happily allow Trump to operate in bad faith and violate the social contract upon which civil society is founded and through which liberty is guaranteed.

Yes, of Trump and his mob, I am very wary.


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