NEWSFLASH: RIP Justice Scalia

America, the Constitution and conservatives lost a great defender and ally this evening. Antonin Scalia wrote some of the most well-reasoned, delightfully acerbic and philosophically sound opinions during his tenure on the Supreme Court and to lose him, not least during a contentious election year and with so many crucial cases slated to go before the court, is a palpable blow. His passing is more than just what he might have done for our country, but also it is an undeniable loss of his scholarship and philosophy, from which any true academic, no matter their political stripe, would learn.

As usual, Scalia’s body isn’t even cold, and the Leftist Death Cult is already dancing on his grave. Go to the comments sections of any Lame Stream Media outlet and see the depravity.



Despite general predictions that Trump would take Iowa, Cruz won the Iowa Caucus! So far, Trump is still leading in New Hampshire, but that really isn’t totally shocking. Tied for second place in the current polls is Cruz and Kasich. The New Hampshire primary is typically a less values-based primary and an open primary to boot, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see Democrats voting for Trump in lieu of Hillary and Bernie. Keep your eyes on the Southern primaries.

True conservatives should definitely celebrate, since despite the odds, Cruz’s traditional campaign and conservatism have won the night, but we also shouldn’t rest on our laurels. It’s still a long road to November, so let’s keep on Cruzin’!