Just Thinkin’: Collapse BLAST and the American Economy

So, I was up, playing Collapse BLAST!, a free game app on my Kindle Fire, since I couldn’t sleep and I was getting ridiculously frustrated. I was using the game coins to buy the high level power ups, like the Thunderstack and the Rainbow bomb, both of which are about 400 coins apiece, trying to beat my high score. Well, for 800 coins, I got one Thunderstack, a red bomb and a green one. That was it, for 800 hard-collected coins. The point of Collapse is find three blocks of the same color that are adjacent to each other and “collapse” them by touching them. You keep getting new rows of randomly sequenced blocks and over the course of one minute, you have to keep collapsing blocks so the rows don’t build up to the top of the screen. If they get that high, it’s game over. Bombs will blow out all the blocks of a corresponding color on the screen and there are other power-ups too, like things that will take out whole rows or columns, etc, but the best is supposed to be the Rainbow Bomb.

With that thing you’re supposed to get bombs of all colors and while it is technically random, you usually get more than two bombs in a game. A Thunderstack will rearrange all the blocks on screen so they grouped with their color, making it faster to clear them. After three games of 800-coin purchases for the Rainbow Bomb and the Thunderstack, usually a dynamite combination and getting bupkis, I really started to feel cheated. I don’t get the bang for my buck in the real world and now I can’t even get it in the game world. I have since been advised to spend 600 coins to buy a red bomb, a blue bomb and a green bomb: 200 more coins than the Rainbow Bomb and you don’t get yellow. While I finally managed to beat my high score, I still spent more coins for less.

Not getting any bombs in the game didn’t seem all that different from going to the grocery store, or to buy gas: more money for less product. Then, as I watched a column get too close to the top of the screen (they start to wobble dramatically) and I frantically scrambled to clear some blocks, I realized that it kinda looks like America’s debt. It keeps building up and up, the average person has less cash to circulate and what they do have gets them less. All the while, Congress petitions the game to raise the ceiling so one more row can fit in, rather than clearing some blocks. Eventually, it will hit the roof and that’s game over.


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